Radio Public Service Announcements

Public service announcements (PSAs) are broadcast by thousands of U.S. radio stations each day, providing information about local organizations, government, health, domestic issues, education, safety and the environment. PSAs provide a cost-effective vehicle for reaching listeners with community-oriented messages. While they do not need to originate from a not-for-profit organization, they should contain a message that provides some form of community benefit. For example: Radio station WXYZ airs a PSA that informs its community about an alert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suggesting it's important for all seniors to get flu shots this year.

Some frequently-asked questions about PSAs:

What exactly is a PSA... and why do stations air them?
Stations broadcast PSAs free of charge as a public service to listeners, fulfilling FCC public service requirements. Because stations receive numerous requests for public service air time, not all PSAs are broadcast. That's why it's important to produce a high-quality piece that's distinctive and perceived by a station's Public Affairs Director as airworthy and important to listeners.

What formats do PSAs come in?
PSAs can be produced in :10, :15, :30, and :60 second versions, and are provided to stations prerecorded or scripted for live airing. We recommend both, to provide options for stations that use only in-house air personalities. Duplication and delivery via CD.

What's my lead time?
About two weeks. Station Public Affairs Directors take the time to carefully scrutinize all material submitted for airing. They determine if the PSA fits their format and audience, and whether it addresses an issue important to their community. They also listen to prerecorded PSAs to evaluate their quality. Because of this process, most stations have a two-week lag time between receipt of a PSA and when it begins to air.

Can I target specific radio stations and markets?
Yes! MediaTracks utilizes a database of every radio station in the country to help target the stations most likely to air your client's message. When writing and producing a PSA, special attention is paid to the demographic you wish to reach. Multiple versions of a PSA can be scripted and produced to serve various radio formats.

What's in it for my client?
Substantial value. Radio PSAs provide cost-effective outreach to communities throughout the U.S. Your costs are limited to writing, production, distribution and tracking. The air time stations provide is free. That's where the value comes in. Advertisers pay anywhere from $15 to $1000 for 30 seconds of airtime on radio stations. If a PSA is well-written and produced, it is likely to receive repeated airings on the stations that use it.

Can I track the response for my client?
Yes! We track the usage of PSAs by including a postage-paid response card. Returned cards along with our optional follow-up phone service to stations provide the data needed to produce a comprehensive final report, included with every PSA project. The report documents gross impressions, total stations airing the message, total airings, and percent of response cards returned.

Summary: What you get with our service.
Each PSA project includes scripting, production, station targeting, distribution, tracking and reporting. A cover letter to the station's Public Affairs Director accompanies the mailing along with a scripted version of the PSA for live reading. A postage-paid response card is also included. Telephone follow-up is optional. Throughout the process we will advise you on radio formats to help you match your message to the appropriate demographic group.

From concept to completion, our staff of writers and producers provide expertise and personalized service for your PSA project. Our goal is to maximize placement for your message and deliver measurable, meaningful results.

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