Radio Media Tours (RMTs)

What is a Radio Media Tour?

A Radio Media Tour (or RMT) is a series of pre-arranged, back-to-back, 10-15 minute  interviews between your spokesperson and 15-20 targeted radio stations. RMTs are efficient, cost-effective ways to get optimal radio exposure for your message. They are also convenient for your spokesperson, usually requiring a 4-6 hour block of time.

Radio Media Tours reach listeners all across the nation from our state-of-the-art studios.  Whether the spokesperson is live in our studio or calling in from their home, your news, entertainment, or feature story reaches your targeted audience and is documented and verifiable for later. 

This is what we guarantee:

  • Full Service:  We work with your key message to create an effective media alert and provide comprehensive preliminary and final broadcast reports.  Our studios are located ½ mile from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, providing restaurants, hotels, and all the comforts of home.

Tour Options:  We offer tours arrangements that fit your schedule.

2 Hours: 8-10 Interviews
3 Hours: 12-15 Interviews
4 Hours: 16-20 Interviews

  • Reach:  Our media bookers work from a database of more than 12,000 radio stations and rely upon solid relationships with contacts all over the country including a wide variety of large, small, and syndicated networks.  Whether the interview is live, taped, or live-to-taped, we make sure that the right people will hear your message.
  • Specific, measurable results.  We provide you with verified audience numbers in a final report detailing all the stations which aired the interview, whether live or taped.

Featured Radio Media Tour:

Chris McGinnis Business Travel Radio Media Tour

MediaTracks just completed a Radio Media Tour (RMT) with Best Western about the secrets of business traveling in the fall. The 4-hour tour was conducted on October 2nd with several radio stations in top markets across the country including Phoenix, Tucson, Sacramento, Cleveland and Milwaukee. Continue Reading

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